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  • 100m-Core-Drilling-Rig

    100m Core Drilling Rig

    HZ-130 Core Drilling Rig is a high-speed drilling rig for general survey exploration, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration and drilling blasting holes and other drilling projects. In addition, it also can be used for water well.

  • 260m-Water-Well-Drilling-Rig

    260m Water Well Drilling Rig Manufacturer

    This type DTH drilling rig is a kind of high efficient and multi-functional drilling equipment. It is mainly used for drilling water wells, agricultural irrigation wells, ground source heat pump wells and other wells, especially for water intake projects in mountainous

  • 30m-Mining-Blasthole-Drilling-Rig

    30m Mining Blasthole Drilling Rig

    This mining blast hole drilling machine is widely used for blasting holes, drilling large diameter boreholes in mines, highways, national defense and water conservancy projects and other projects to blast rock and holes. This blasthole drilling rig is a necessary drill

  • BW150-Mud-Pump

    BW150 Mud Pump

    BW150 Mud Pump, the three cylinder reciprocating slurry pump, mine explosion-proof mud pump can convey mud, yellow mud, glass water, etc. The pump is for geological drilling.

  • Crawler-mounted-Drilling-Rig

    Crawler-mounted Drilling Rig

    The crawler-mounted drilling rig for stone bore hole is an necessary drill equipment for prophase surface mine project, which is widely used in drilling large diameter blast hole in mining, road, national defence,water conservancy and so on.

  • Electric-Screw-Air-Compressors

    Electric Screw Air Compressors

    The mobile screw air compressor can be used directly in a coal mine where gas and coal explosions are dangerous. It provides compressed air, air compressor and full set of equipment (motor, switch, gas storage cylinder, cooler, safety protection device) for

  • Geological-Investigation-Crawler-Core-Drilling-Rig

    Geological Investigation Crawler Core Drilling Rig

    Crawler drilling rig is mainly used for geological survey and exploration, various holes in concrete structures, highway and high-rise building foundation exploration, river embankment, subgrade grouting drilling and direct grouting, civil water wells and ground temperature central air conditioning.

  • Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig For Geoexploration

    HZ series hydraulic core drilling rig is mainly used for geological general investigation and exploration, various kinds of hole in concrete structure,road and tall building foundation exploration,river levees,subgrade grouting hole drilling and direct grouting,civil wells and earth temperature central air conditioner,etc.

  • Hydraulic-Rock-Splitter

    Hydraulic Rock Splitter

    The hydraulic rock splitter is a machine for splitting materials, which is used in construction, decoration, engineering construction, ore mining. This splitting machine is mainly used for construction stone mining operations: secondary disintegration of large ore; partial and complete demolition of concrete

  • HZ-Series-Hydraulic-Core-Drilling-Rig-Manufacturer

    HZ Series Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

    HZ series hydraulic drilling rig is a light weight drilling rig. This drilling machine is widely used for general exploration of railway, road, bridge, dam and tall building base, geological core drilling, small grouting holes, blasting holes, civil wellls and earth

  • Mining-Drill-Sampling-Geological-Investigation-Drilling-Rig

    Mining Drill Sampling Geological Investigation Drilling Rig

    This core drilling rig is mining drill sampling geological investigation drilling rig, which is mainly used for geological general investigation and exploration. In the concrete structure, foundation, highway and high-rise building foundation investigation, river embankment, subgrade grouting drilling and direct grouting.

  • Mobile-Electric-Diesel-Reverse-Air-Blasthole-Drill-Rig

    Mobile Electric/Diesel Reverse Air Blasthole Drill Rig

    The DTH drilling rig, rotary blasthole drilling rig is powered by air compressor and electric. This mobile electric/diesel reverse water well drilling machine is widely used in drilling large diameter blast hole in mining, road, national defence, water conservancy and so