Blasthole Drilling Rig

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  • 30m-Mining-Blasthole-Drilling-Rig

    30m Mining Blasthole Drilling Rig

    This mining blast hole drilling machine is widely used for blasting holes, drilling large diameter boreholes in mines, highways, national defense and water conservancy projects and other projects to blast rock and holes. This blasthole drilling rig is a necessary drill

  • Mobile-Electric-Diesel-Reverse-Air-Blasthole-Drill-Rig

    Mobile Electric/Diesel Reverse Air Blasthole Drill Rig

    The DTH drilling rig, rotary blasthole drilling rig is powered by air compressor and electric. This mobile electric/diesel reverse water well drilling machine is widely used in drilling large diameter blast hole in mining, road, national defence, water conservancy and so