Core Drilling Machine

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  • 100m-Core-Drilling-Rig

    100m Core Drilling Rig

    HZ-130 Core Drilling Rig is a high-speed drilling rig for general survey exploration, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration and drilling blasting holes and other drilling projects. In addition, it also can be used for water well.

  • Crawler-mounted-Drilling-Rig

    Crawler-mounted Drilling Rig

    The crawler-mounted drilling rig for stone bore hole is an necessary drill equipment for prophase surface mine project, which is widely used in drilling large diameter blast hole in mining, road, national defence,water conservancy and so on.

  • HZ-Series-Hydraulic-Core-Drilling-Rig-Manufacturer

    HZ Series Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

    HZ series hydraulic drilling rig is a light weight drilling rig. This drilling machine is widely used for general exploration of railway, road, bridge, dam and tall building base, geological core drilling, small grouting holes, blasting holes, civil wellls and earth

  • Mud-Air-Drilling-Rig-For-Sale

    Mud/Air Drilling Rig

    The mud/air drilling rig is a kind of high efficiency and multi function drill hole drilling equipment. It is mainly suitable for drilling wells, agricultural irrigation wells, geothermal air conditioning holes and other well holes, especially for the water intake project

  • XY-3-Core-Drilling-Rig

    XY-3 Core Drilling Rig

    XY-3 series drilling rig is a shallow medium depth hole spindle type core drilling rig. Diamond drilling is mainly used, and meets the needs of many drilling technology requests. This core drilling machine can match the corresponding motor or diesel engine.

  • XY-44A-Core-Drilling-Rig

    XY-44A Core Drilling Rig

    XY-44A Core Drilling Rig is a kind of medium and deep hole core drilling rig with complete functions and stable performance, which is modified on the basis of XY-44. This core drill rig is not only suitable for core drilling of

  • XY-8-Core-Drilling-Rig

    XY-8 Core Drilling Rig

    XY-8 drilling rig is a kind of core drilling rig with high drilling capacity, which is developed from the advantages of the same kind of core drill both at home and abroad. The rig is mainly applied to small and big

  • XY-8-Spindle/Rotary-Table-Drilling-Rig

    XY-8 Spindle/Rotary Table Drilling Rig

    The spindle/rotary table drilling rig is mainly applied in core drilling of alloy and diamond mainly, metal and non metal solid mineral exploration, shallow oil and natural gas mining, geothermal well exploration, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage and large caliber foundation pile