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  • BW150-Mud-Pump

    BW150 Mud Pump

    BW150 Mud Pump, the three cylinder reciprocating slurry pump, mine explosion-proof mud pump can convey mud, yellow mud, glass water, etc. The pump is for geological drilling.

  • Electric-Screw-Air-Compressors

    Electric Screw Air Compressors

    The mobile screw air compressor can be used directly in a coal mine where gas and coal explosions are dangerous. It provides compressed air, air compressor and full set of equipment (motor, switch, gas storage cylinder, cooler, safety protection device) for

  • Stationary-Screw-Air-Compressor

    Stationary Screw Air Compressor

    The stationary screw air compressor is the largest domestic screw air compressor with a single displacement of 100m 3 /min and power up to 560kW. This series screw type air compressors are carefully designed and carefully designed for the scope of

  • Tricone-Bits

    Tricone Bits

    Our tricone bits are on hot sale, the tricone bit for drilling/drill bits for clay, 51/2inch 142mm tricone bits for oil drilling rigs/ water well drilling bits,carbon steel tricone drill bit for clay, tricone drill bit for oil drilling, rock drill